Petroleum & Natural Gas

We provide customer-oriented and technology-advanced parts and components with a wide range of material, precision and complete structure to enhance the life span, wearing resistance and corrosion resistance. For example, we designed a welding bit and inlay mode for the well control centralizer for an equipment manufacturing corporation in petroleum industry. Our tailor-made design ensured its fastness and long life span, thus ensured an A-list competitive edge for the manufacturer. As a leading product of this manufacturer, this popular centralizer now enjoys a prevailing market. 



1, After accurate grinding, its has a very small size tolerance, and good sealability.

2, Using high strength and high hardness cemented carbide as raw material, our product are transform-resist and compress-resist.

3, Adding corrosion resisting rare element, its has a longer sealability.

4, It is widely applied to seal for pipe joint of fossil oil, chemical and machine.

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